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❖ Do not leave oils in extreme temperatures (hot cars, freezer, near windows)

❖ Do not place oils in direct sunlight

❖ Do not leave the lids off your oil bottles (this will speed up the oxidation causing the oil to lose its potency.)

❖ Do not boil or heat your oils in any way to distribute them aromatically. They will lose all therapeutic value



❖ 0.5% – for people with sensitive skin, those with eczema & children under the age of 2

❖ 1% – children 2 – 6 years old, adults over 65, pregnant women (only with oils considered safe during pregnancy), for a full body massage and people with long-term health issues or immune system disorder.

❖ 2% – Most common dilution ~ skincare, bath & body blends & blends used on a daily basis.

❖ 3% – acute health concerns such as pain relief or cold & flu that are used for short periods of time and on small areas of the body and for body mists.

❖ 4 ~ 5 % – skin healing issues such as cuts (CAUTION), burns, sores and ulcers, insect repellent, hand sanitizer or when the blend will be used on small areas of the body such as perfume, roller balls, ointments & for a stronger body mist, or linen & room sprays.

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